MSMQ Subscription Persistence

Project Hosting | Nuget: NServiceBus (Version: 4.x)
Standard support for version 4.x of NServiceBus has expired. For more information see our Support Policy.
Storing subscriptions in MSMQ is not suitable when endpoints are scaled-out, because the subscription queue cannot be shared among multiple endpoints.

To configure MSMQ as the subscription persistence:


By default NServiceBus uses a queue called {Name of the endpoint}.Subscriptions. In order to specify a different queue to store the subscriptions, add the following configSections and subsequent config entry:

    <section name="MsmqSubscriptionStorageConfig"
             type="NServiceBus.Config.MsmqSubscriptionStorageConfig, NServiceBus.Core" />
  <MsmqSubscriptionStorageConfig Queue="YourQueue" />

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