Supported frameworks and platforms

Component: NServiceBus
NuGet Package: NServiceBus (7.2 - 7.3)

Supported frameworks can be used for production workloads with technical support available from Particular Software.

Support for individual components requires using supported component versions on a supported version of .NET.

  1. Not all packages support all frameworks and versions, due to framework restrictions, obsolete APIs, or transitive dependencies.
  2. In this context, "supported" applies only to the framework runtime and doesn't necessarily indicate support for all languages features.
.NET Framework4.5.2 or later1WindowsSupported
.NET Core3.1 (LTS)Windows / LinuxSupported until Dec. 3, 2022
.NET6.0 (LTS)Windows / LinuxSupported until Nov. 8, 2024
.NET7.0 (Preview)Windows / LinuxTested using .NET 7 Preview 5

1 Some packages may require a later version of the .NET Framework.

macOS is supported for development purposes but not for production workloads.

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