Installing the Particular Platform

.NET prerequisite version

The Particular Service Platform products require .NET 4.6.2. Before proceeding, ensure that this version of .NET is available on the system.

MSMQ prerequisites

The following steps are required when running NServiceBus endpoints using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ):

  • Add, configure, and start the MSMQ service.
  • Configure and start the Microsoft Distributed Coordinator Service.

These actions can be performed using the NServiceBus PowerShell module which is available as a standalone installation. Once the module is installed, open a PowerShell prompt as an administrator and issue the following commands:

Import-Module NServiceBus.PowerShell


The installation executable for ServiceControl can be downloaded directly from the ServiceControl releases page.


The installation executable for ServiceInsight can be downloaded directly from the ServiceInsight releases page.


The installation executable for ServicePulse can be downloaded directly from the ServicePulse releases page.

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