Platform previews

The Particular Preview Program was created to make it easier for Particular Software to advance new capabilities to the Particular Platform while improving user involvement, validating user interest in those capabilities, and increasing the rate at which new capabilities can be adopted.

Previews are production-ready capabilities, licensed separately from the rest of the Particular Platform, and fall under a different support policy than the rest of the platform.

Verified customer usage in production is key to decide whether to adopt the new capability. Once a preview is launched, a preview runs for a period of time while customer adoption is measured. If successful, the preview will transition into a fully adopted capability of the Particular Platform. Previews that do not generate sufficient interest will either be reworked or converted into a community project.

Leading up to the launch of a new preview, in order to help ensure the success of the preview, a research process is undertaken to identify and validate customer needs and determine the most important features that are required to meet those needs.

User feedback is central to the Preview Program, so the more feedback is received, the better the end result will be.


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