Pages tagged with "hosting"

  • Hosting

    Describes the various approaches to endpoint hosting.

  • Critical Errors
    nservicebus / hosting

    How to handle critical errors which adversely affect messaging in an endpoint.

  • Web Application Hosting
    nservicebus / hosting

    Hosting NServiceBus in a Web Site or Web Service.

  • Windows Service Installation
    nservicebus / hosting

    How to install an NServiceBus endpoint as a Windows service.

  • Hosting in Azure Cloud Services
    nservicebus / hosting

    Using Azure Cloud Services to host NServiceBus.

  • Critical Error Behavior
    nservicebus / hosting / cloud-services-host

    Handling Critical errors in Azure Cloud Services.

  • Azure Cloud Services Host FAQ
    nservicebus / hosting / cloud-services-host

    Frequently asked questions related to the Azure Cloud Services host.

  • Shared Hosting in Azure
    nservicebus / hosting / cloud-services-host

    Using Azure cloud services to host multiple NServiceBus endpoints on a shared pool of machines.

  • Startup Behavior
    nservicebus / hosting / cloud-services-host

    Running code at startup when hosting in Azure Cloud Services.

  • Docker Container Host
    nservicebus / hosting

    Take advantage of process isolation by hosting endpoints in Docker containers.

  • NServiceBus Host
    nservicebus / hosting

    Avoid writing repeat configuration code, host the endpoints in a Windows Service, and change technologies without code.

  • Installation
    nservicebus / hosting / nservicebus-host

    How to install the NServiceBus.Host as a Windows service.

  • NServiceBus Host Profiles Customization
    nservicebus / hosting / nservicebus-host

    Create custom NServiceBus host profiles and customize default NServiceBus host profiles.

  • NServiceBus Host Profiles
    nservicebus / hosting / nservicebus-host

    Profiles ease the configuration process. There are three profiles out of the box: Lite, Integration, and Production.

  • Exposing Endpoints via WCF

    Receiving and processing messages which pass through Windows Communication Foundation.

  • Azure Storage Persistence

    Using Azure Storage as persistence.

  • Self Hosting in Azure Cloud Services
    samples / azure

    Using the NServiceBus self-hosting capability to host an endpoint in an Azure instance.

  • Shared Hosting in Azure Cloud Services
    samples / azure

    Uses the NServiceBus Hosting Azure HostProcess to achieve shared hosting of multiple NServiceBus endpoints in an Azure instance.

  • Self Hosting in Azure WebJobs
    samples / azure

    Uses NServiceBus the self-hosting capability to host an endpoint in an Azure WebJob.

  • Hosting endpoints in Docker Linux containers
    samples / hosting

    Hosting multiple endpoints in several Docker Linux containers managed by Docker Compose.

  • Endpoints multi hosting
    samples / hosting

    Hosting multiple endpoints in one process.

  • The NServiceBus.Host
    samples / hosting

    Hosting an NServiceBus endpoint using the NServiceBus.Host.

  • WCF to messaging bridge

    Reliable WCF communication over messaging.