Pages tagged with "retry"

  • Recoverability

    Explains how exceptions are handled, and actions retried, during message processing.

  • Configure delayed retries
    nservicebus / recoverability

    How to configure delayed retries as a second stage of recoverability.

  • Configure error handling
    nservicebus / recoverability

    Error handler configuration when messages are forwarded to the error queue after failing a certain number of times.

  • Configure immediate retries
    nservicebus / recoverability

    Shows how to configure immediate retries which happen as a first stage of the default recoverability behavior.

  • Custom Recoverability Policy
    nservicebus / recoverability

    Shows how to take full control over Recoverability by implementing a Recoverability Policy.

  • Avoiding excessive memory consumption
    nservicebus / recoverability

    Explains how to avoid excessive memory consumption due to recoverability exception caching.

  • Automatic Retries

    Shows immediate and delayed retries when a handler throws an exception.

  • Custom Exception Handling

    With custom exception handling, it is possible to fine-tune how exceptions should be handled after they have been retried.

  • Distributor error handling
    transports / msmq / distributor

    Error handling with and configuration with the distributor.