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NServiceBus compared to WCF and BizTalk.

  • NServiceBus and BizTalk
    NServiceBus guides you away from dangerous anti-patterns while providing messaging patterns and integration.
  • NServiceBus and WCF
    Publish/subscribe, fault-tolerance, long-running processes, interoperability
  • Architectural Principles
    NServiceBus helps you write code that is robust in production environments, preventing data loss under failure conditions.

NServiceBus and Azure

Using Azure for endpoint hosting and to provide Transports and Persistence


NServiceBus automatically registers components, user-implemented handlers, and sagas.

  • Autofac
    How to configure NServiceBus to use Autofac as a container.
  • Castle Windsor
    How to configure NServiceBus to use Castle Windsor as a container.
  • Support for Child Containers
    Child containers are a snapshot of the main container; transient instances are treated as as singletons in the child container.
  • Using IBus in a Message Handler
    Use setter injection or constructor injection.
  • Ninject
    How to configure NServiceBus to use Ninject as a container.
  • Property injection
    How to configure property injection
  • Spring
    How to configure NServiceBus to use Spring as a container.
  • StructureMap
    How to configure NServiceBus to use StructureMap as a container.
  • Unity
    How to configure NServiceBus to use Unity as a container.

Error handling

Don't try to handle exceptions in your message handlers. Let NServiceBus do it for you.


NServiceBus enables durable fire-and-forget messaging across physically separated IT infrastructure.

Handling a Message

Write a class to handle messages in NServiceBus.


Outlines the various approaches to hosting NServiceBus

NServiceBus Licensing

Outlines the usage, management and restrictions of the NServiceBus license.

Interface life-cycles

The life-cycles of the various NServiceBus configuration interfaces

Logging in NServiceBus

Logging in NServiceBus


Outline the various approach to sending-receiving, defining messages and common messaging patterns.

MSMQ Information

MSMQ is the primary durable communications technology for Microsoft but does not dynamically detect network interfaces.

NHibernate Persistence

NHibernate-based persistence for NServiceBus


Operations Table of Contents


How to configure NServiceBus to provide reliable messaging without using MSDTC or when MSDTC is not available

Persistence In NServiceBus

Features of NServiceBus requiring persistence include timeouts, sagas, and subscription storage.

Message Handling Pipeline

Overview of the message handling pipeline


NServiceBus RabbitMQ


RavenDB persister documentation

  • Installing RavenDB
    Article outlines various ways of installing RavenDB in different versions of NServiceBus. As of Version 5 it is mostly obsolete due to the fact that RavenDB is no longer part of the core.
  • Scripting RavenDB
    Example code and scripts to facilitate deployment and operational actions against RavenDB.
  • How to change the RavenDB ResourceManagerID
    Guidance on how to change the RavenDB ResourceManagerID
  • Uninstall RavenDB v2.0
    Article outlines uninstalling RavenDB that were installed by previous versions of the Platform Installer.
  • RavenDB Version Compatibility
    The various approaches used by different versions of NServiceBus when integrating with RavenDB


NServiceBus uses event-driven architecture to include fault-tolerance and scalability in long-term business processes.

Scalability and HA

Scalability and High Availability options for NServiceBus


Schedule a task or an action/lambda, to be executed repeatedly at a given interval.


Security Table of Contents

Serialization In NServiceBus

How instances of .NET classes are serialized onto the transport.

SQL Server Transport

NServiceBus SQL Server

Unit Testing

Develop your service layers and long-running processes using test-driven development.


All information on the available Transports

Upgrade Guides

Upgrade Guides for NServiceBus

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