Getting Started

There is a variety of starting points for NServiceBus and the Platform. The path taken will depend on an individual's specific experience and preferences for learning.

High Level Content

These articles are recommended to gain an understanding of the key concepts and technologies used within the Platform.


The NServiceBus Quick Start tutorial gives a quick overview of the benefits of using NServiceBus, and shows how software systems built on asynchronous messaging using NServiceBus are superior to traditional synchronous HTTP-based web services.

The Introduction to NServiceBus tutorial gives a guided walk-through of building an NServiceBus system and introduces the basic concepts of messaging. Each lesson includes a downloadable solution with the completed exercise.

The Scaling Applications with Microservices and NServiceBus 6 Pluralsight course provides guidance on MicroServices and how to build them using NServiceBus.

The Monitoring NServiceBus tutorial is the best way to get familiar with the monitoring features in the Particular Service Platform before deploying monitoring on a real system. The included downloadable sample contains all of the necessary parts of the platform, already configured and ready to run.


Samples are a great way to learn and explore NServiceBus by looking at runnable code. They are fully functional solutions that can be run from Visual Studio. Learn by exploring code. Each sample includes an explanation of the scenario and the technology or concept that it illustrates.

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The following samples are recommended for getting started:

  • Step by Step Sample: Illustrates essential NServiceBus concepts by showing how to build a simple system.
  • Endpoint configuration choices: Walks through the most common choices required when creating a first endpoint. It will also show the configuration APIs needed to implement those choices.
  • On Premise Show Case: An implementation of a fictional store that shows many features of NServiceBus working together.


NServiceBus consists of a many components (some optional) which are deployed through NuGet Packages. The most important elements, required in most scenarios, are the transport and persistence. The transport is an abstraction over low-level messaging infrastructure (e.g. MSMQ or SQL Server), the persistence provides support for some NServiceBus features like delayed-delivery, publish-subscribe and sagas.

The majority of the NuGet packages are listed under the NServiceBus NuGet User with the main library is deployed via the NServiceBus NuGet package.

PM> Install-Package NServiceBus

There are also many of extensions and utilities that build on the Platform in a variety of ways. These are listed under Extensions.

The other parts of the Platform (ServiceControl, ServiceInsight and ServicePulse) are deployed through either the Platform Installer (mainly for development environment) or via a Direct Download of an installer (mainly for production and integration environments).

Getting Help / More Information

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