Getting Started

NServiceBus makes it quick and easy to send, process, and publish messages across a wide variety of on-premises and cloud-based queuing technologies. With all the low-level serialization, threading, and transaction management handled out-of-the box, just grab the NuGet package and go.

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PM> Install-Package NServiceBus

Sending a message

await endpoint.Send(new SubmitOrder { OrderId = orderId });

Processing a message

public class OrdersHandler : IHandleMessages<SubmitOrder>
    public async Task Handle(SubmitOrder message, IMessageHandlerContext context)
        Console.WriteLine($"Order received {message.OrderId}");

        await context.Publish(new OrderAccepted { OrderId = message.OrderId });

See it in action

Jump into our Quick Start and build your first end-to-end NServiceBus solution in just 15 minutes. Covering all the elements of one-way messaging, publish-subscribe, and automatic recovery from exceptions, you'll know just enough to be dangerous.

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