Getting Started

Platform Sample installation

Component: Platform Sample
NuGet Package: Particular.PlatformSample (3.x)

The Platform Sample package is a portable version of the Particular Service Platform which can be used to demonstrate the platform without installing it. This is the easiest way to experience the Particular Service Platform.

The Platform Sample package includes instances of ServiceControl, ServiceControl Monitoring, and ServicePulse. They are all configured to use the Learning Transport. Other transports are not supported by the Platform Sample package. At this time, ServiceInsight is not included in the Platform Sample package.


In any existing Visual Studio solution, the following steps are required:

  1. Add a new Console App project.
  2. Install the Particular.PlatformSample NuGet package.
  3. Add the following code to Program.Main:
await Particular.PlatformLauncher.Launch();

The Platform Sample package performs the following when the Console App is started:

  1. Copies platform binaries into the project output directory.
  2. Finds available ports for all the platform tools.
  3. Launches ServiceControl and ServiceControl.Monitoring.
  4. Waits for the ServiceControl API to be responsive, which may take a while.
  5. Opens a browser window with ServicePulse.


PlatformLauncher.Launch() accepts some optional parameters.

Showing console output

By default, console output from ServiceControl and ServiceControl.Monitoring is suppressed. For debugging or curiosity, console output may be shown by specifying:

await Particular.PlatformLauncher.Launch(showPlatformToolConsoleOutput: true);

ServicePulse default route

Some samples benefit from opening ServicePulse with a specific view, rather than the dashboard.

For example, to open ServicePulse with the Monitoring view:

await Particular.PlatformLauncher.Launch(servicePulseDefaultRoute: "/monitoring");


The message replay tutorial is a sample that uses the Platform Sample package to view and retry failed messages. It shows how the Platform Sample package works from within an existing Visual Studio solution.

To use ServiceInsight with the sample, download and install ServiceInsight. After starting ServiceInsight, connect to ServiceControl using the Endpoint Explorer at, for example, http://localhost:49200/api.