No Endpoint Configuration Found in Scanned Assemblies

Component: NServiceBus Host

As the exception states, NServiceBus was not able to find the endpoint configuration, i.e., an implementation of IConfigureThisEndoint.

The exception might be thrown by NServiceBus.Host.Exe, the NServiceBus generic host.

Here are possible causes for this exception:

  • There is no implementation of IConfigureThisEndpoint.
  • The class implementing IConfigureThisEndpoint is not public.
  • More than one implementation of IConfigureThisEndpoint exists.
  • NServiceBus.Host.Exe is scanning the directory (and sub-directories) from where it is running, and finds more than one assembly implementing IConfigureThisEndpoint.
  • In one Visual Studio solution, different assemblies are referencing different NServiceBus versions, and those assemblies reference each other.
    • For example, the messages assembly is compiled against an NServiceBus version different from the endpoint assembly that references it.

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