Getting Started

Uninstall RavenDB v2.0

As of 2014-10-15, the Platform Installer no longer installs RavenDB Version 2.0 in a directory called "NServiceBus.Persistence.v4" under Program Files as a prerequisite since NServiceBus Version 5 no longer uses it as the default persistence - see RavenDB installation. If it was previously installed and needs to be removed, it is necessary to remove it manually.

Manual Removal Instructions

  1. Run "Raven.Server.exe /uninstall" to unregister the service. This doesn't remove the directory, which is by design, as the data sub-directory contains any created databases. See RunningRavendDB as a service.
  2. Remove the registry key "RavenPort" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ParticularSoftware\ServiceBus".
  3. Remove URLACL for RavenDB Port - it will correspond to the RavenPort listed above, it can also be found in the Raven.Server.config.

URLACL Removal

To list the URACLs for that port, from an Admin PowerShell run:

netsh.exe http show urlacl | select-string :8080

This may return something like the following:

Reserved URL: http://+:8080/

Remove it with this command:

netsh.exe http delete urlacl url=http://+:8080/

Final Directory Cleanup

Remove the directory and sub-directory (assuming that RavenDB databases are are no longer needed).

There is one additional cleanup step if the PlatformInstaller was used as the method of install. The Platform Installer used Chocolatey behind the scenes to install packages. It keeps a copy of the installed package in a sub-directory.

The following PowerShell command will list the directory which can be safely deleted.

dir ("{0}\lib" -f $env:ChocolateyInstall) -Filter *RavenDB* | Select -ExpandProperty FullName