Installing RavenDB

Component: NServiceBus
RavenDB's implementation of distributed transactions contains a bug that could cause an endpoint, in certain (rare) conditions, to lose data. If RavenDB is configured to enlist in distributed transactions, read DTC not supported for RavenDB Persistence.
Using RavenDB version 4 and higher in a cluster configuration with multiple nodes is not supported. For more information, read cluster configuration with multiple nodes not supported.

To install RavenDB, download the server and install as described in the RavenDB documentation or use a hosted RavenDB provider such as RavenHQ.

RavenDB should only be used for NServiceBus persistence when the endpoint's business data is already stored in RavenDB. NServiceBus shares the same DocumentStore object used for business data, configured using the RavenDB connection options.

Upgrading RavenDB

To upgrade an existing RavenDB installation, refer to the RavenDB upgrade process.

It is strongly recommended to backup all databases before upgrading.

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