NServiceBus Gateway RavenDB Persistence Upgrade from 1 to 2

Cluster-wide transactions support

NServiceBus.Gateway.RavenDB version 2 supports cluster-wide transactions. RavenDB 5.2 or greater is required for both the RavenDB client and server. Cluster-wide transaction support is disabled by default. To enable it, configure the persister as follows:

var ravenGatewayDeduplicationConfiguration = new RavenGatewayDeduplicationConfiguration((builder, _) =>
   //create and configure the RavenDB document store.
   EnableClusterWideTransactions = true

If the persister is configured to connect to a database whose replication factor is greater than one, and cluster-wide transaction are not enabled, the persister will throw the following exception:

The configured database is replicated across multiple nodes, in order to continue, use EnableClusterWideTransactions on the gateway configuration.

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