Platform Releases

Applications and tools

The Particular Service Platform source code, current and previous releases, and release notes are available as public repositories in GitHub.

NServiceBusReleasesRelease Notes
ServiceInsightReleasesRelease Notes
ServicePulseReleasesRelease Notes
ServiceControlReleasesRelease Notes

NServiceBus transports

RabbitMQReleasesRelease Notes
SQL ServerReleasesRelease Notes
Azure Service BusReleasesRelease Notes
Azure Service Bus (Legacy)ReleasesRelease Notes
Azure Storage QueuesReleasesRelease Notes
MSMQReleasesRelease Notes
Amazon SQSReleasesRelease Notes

NServiceBus persisters

SQLReleasesRelease Notes
RavenDBReleasesRelease Notes
NHibernateReleasesRelease Notes
Azure StorageReleasesRelease Notes
Service FabricReleasesRelease Notes

ServiceControl plugins

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