Simple SQL Server transport usage

Component: SQL Server Transport
NuGet Package NServiceBus.SqlServer (4.x)
Target NServiceBus Version: 7.x


An instance of SQL Server Express, accessible as .\SqlExpress.

At startup, each endpoint creates its required SQL assets, including databases, tables, and schemas.

The sample creates a database named SQLServerSimple.

Running the sample

  1. Start both the Sender and Receiver projects.
  2. At startup, Sender sends a message to Receiver.
  3. Receiver handles the message in the matching handler.

Code walk-through

Configuring the SQL Server transport

var transport = endpointConfiguration.UseTransport<SqlServerTransport>();
var connection = @"Data Source=.\SqlExpress;Database=SqlServerSimple;Integrated Security=True;Max Pool Size=100";

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