Supported platforms

NServiceBus is supported on the .NET Framework and .NET Core.

If possible, packages will target .NET Standard instead of individual platforms. While this means that packages might work with additional platforms, only the .NET Framework and .NET Core are officially supported by Particular Software.

.NET Framework

NServiceBus is supported for applications targeting the .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later on Windows (note that some packages may require a later version). For the list of supported Windows versions, refer to .NET Framework Versions and Dependencies.

.NET Core

NServiceBus is supported for applications targeting .NET Core on a variety of operating systems:

Packages not supporting .NET Core

Some packages do not currently support .NET Core or running on non-Windows platforms:

  • Transports
    • NServiceBus.Transport.Msmq - MSMQ only runs on Windows.
  • Persistence
    • NServiceBus.Persistence.ServiceFabric - .NET Core support is slated for a future minor release.
    • NServiceBus.Persistence.Sql - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are supported. Oracle is not supported due to the lack of a .NET Core version of Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.
  • Containers
    • NServiceBus.Spring - Spring.Core does not support .NET Core.
  • Hosts
    • These hosts are being deprecated and will not receive .NET Core support. They are replaced by the ParticularTemplates package containing templates for use with dotnet new.
      • NServiceBus.Host
      • NServiceBus.Host32
      • NServiceBus.Hosting.Azure
      • NServiceBus.Hosting.Azure.HostProcess
    • ParticularTemplates - The Windows Service templates will support .NET Core on Windows in a future version.
  • Other
    • NServiceBus.Metrics.PerformanceCounters - Will support .NET Core on Windows in a future version.
    • NServiceBus.Wcf - Microsoft does not support the server aspects of WCF on .NET Core.

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