Viewing MSMQ content

There are several ways to view content in MSMQ, both free and paid.

Visual Studio

The queues on the local machine can be listed using Server Explorer in Visual Studio:

Server Explorer

If there is a message in one of the queues, select it and view the properties of the message in the property panel in Visual Studio (usually on the bottom right):

Visual Studio properties

The most interesting property is the BodyStream as it shows the contents of the message:

Message contents

Windows native tools

The MSMQ MMC snap-in can be used to manage queues.

Use one of the following based in Windows:

Start > Run > compmgmt.msc > Features > Message Queuing


Start > Run > compmgmt.msc > Services and Applications > Message Queuing


QueueExplorer is a commercial third-party product for managing MSMQ.

QueueExplorer can do much more than the built-in management console, such as copy, move or delete messages, save and load, stress test, and view and edit full message bodies (with special support for .NET serialized objects).

Mqueue Viewer

Mqueue Viewer is a fast and free tool to manage MSMQ messages and queues. More advanced features are available in its paid version.

Mqueue Viewer is a fast and simple tool to manage MSMQ queues, view, edit, add, delete messages. It works with multiple machines/servers.

Service Bus MQ Manager

A free application to view and manage MSMQ messages.

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