Step-by-step tutorials to help you learn how to use NServiceBus. Tutorials include concepts, detailed instructions for how to build a sample project, and a downloadable solution with the completed example.

NServiceBus Quick Start

It is very difficult to build a distributed software system correctly from scratch. You could read all 736 pages of the Enterprise Integration Patterns book (an excellent though very dry reference) and then spend months creating, testing, and documenting a communication framework so that different services can talk to each other. Or instead, you could use a framework that incorporates all those design patterns and guides you straight into the pit of success.

NServiceBus combines decades of distributed systems design experience and expertise and distills it into one easy-to-use framework. In this tutorial, you'll see how NServiceBus takes all the grunt work out of system design by handling all of the plumbing for you, taking system design best practices like reliability, failure recovery, and extensibility and baking them right into the software, guiding you toward the pit of success.

You'll also see how the additional tools in the Particular Service Platform make it easy to manage, monitor, and debug.

NServiceBus Step-by-step

Learn the basics of NServiceBus, from sending messages between message endpoints to using publish/subscribe. In five short step-by-step lessons, you'll build a back-end for a retail e-commerce system. You'll learn how to send asynchronous messages between processes, how to use the publish/subscribe pattern to decouple business processes, and the advantages of using reliable messaging to enable automatic retries after processing failures.

NServiceBus Sagas

Learn to master NServiceBus sagas to model complex, long-running business processes. Learn how to model saga data, show how messages are correlated to the saga, how to use timeouts to model time in your business processes, and how to effectively integrate with third-party systems. Each of the saga lessons can be done in any order you like.

Message replay

One of the most powerful features of NServiceBus is the ability to replay a message that has failed. Often, this type of failure can be introduced by a bug that isn't found until the code is deployed. When this happens, many errors can flood into the error queue all at once.

In this tutorial, see how to roll back to an older version of an endpoint, and then replay the failed messages through proven code. This allows you to take the time to properly troubleshoot and fix the issue before attempting a new deployment.

Monitoring NServiceBus demo walkthrough

This standalone demo contains all of the platform components, preconfigured to work together. The package also contains a sample solution that you can run in conjunction with the metrics walkthrough to explore each of the metrics being reported and how they are related.

Monitoring NServiceBus tutorial

A step-by-step guide that shows how to configure the Particular Service Platform and your solution in order to monitor your system.

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