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Community extensions and integrations

This is a curated list of community-developed extensions and integrations for the NServiceBus ecosystem.


A framework to help developers integrate NServiceBus with EventStore.


Supports declarative delegate-based message handlers for NServiceBus.

Created by Tim Bussmann.


Supports routing based on routes stored in files.

Created by Tim Bussmann.


An HTTP channel implementation for the NServiceBus Gateway that doesn't use HTTP headers for message content or metadata. This makes it easier to use this channel in situations where HTTP headers may be modified, such as when a gateway is behind a reverse proxy such as NGINX.

Created by Dave Lewis.


Provides an implementation of the routing slip pattern in NServiceBus message handlers to allow a predefined workflow without the need for a saga.

Created by Jimmy Bogard.


Provides a method to more easily and reliably send emails from an NServiceBus message handler.

Created by Hadi Eskandari.


Enables identifying NServiceBus messages, commands, and events by conventions using attributes i.e. [Command] and [Event] instead of the built-in ICommand and IEvent marker interfaces.

Created by Mauro Servienti.


NServiceBus.Router is a universal component that is cross-transport, cross-site and cross-cloud router component for NServiceBus.

Created by Szymon Pobiega.

Rabbit Operations

Provides operations support for RabbitMQ applications that run on NServiceBus via a graphical user interface.

Created by SouthsideSoft.


Adds Verify support to verify NServiceBus test contexts. Given an NServiceBus message handler, Verify.NServiceBus writes the results of the handler's execution (messages sent, published, etc.) to a file that is diffed against the previous test run to make sure the results are as expected without needing to write multiple assertions for each property.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.


Adds a streaming based attachment functionality to NServiceBus.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.


Adds audit message filtering functionality to NServiceBus, so that certain message types can be included or excluded from normal NServiceBus auditing by adding an attribute to the message type.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.


Leverages the Newtonsoft extension API to encrypt/decrypt specific nodes at serialization time. So only the nodes that require encryption are touched, the remaining content is still human readable. This approach provides a compromise between readability/debugability and security.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.


A shim providing low-level access to the NServiceBus SQL Server Transport with no NServiceBus or SQL Server Transport reference required.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.

NServiceBus Validation

Allows validating message contents with options to use DataAnnotations and FluentValidation.

Part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions.


These packages add support for alternate message serialization technologies. These can be useful in situations where special requirements for messages serialization, such as speed, compactness, or integration with external systems are necessary.

NServiceBusExtensions Serializers

These serializer packages are part of the NServiceBusExtensions suite of extensions: