Getting Started

Software supply chain

This document describes how the integrity of software produced by Particular Software is maintained during the software development life cycle.

Systems access

  • Multiple systems are used in the development life cycle, including GitHub, NuGet, and Microsoft Azure Key Vault.
  • Multi-factor authentication is required for all services mentioned above and others.
  • Only a limited subset of Particular Software employees act as administrators for each system.

Software development

  • All code is stored in GitHub.
  • Any code added to a project must be added via pull request.
  • At least one other staff member must review a pull request before it can be merged to a release branch.
  • Static code analysis during compilation enforces organizational coding conventions.


  • Automated test suites are run on code in every pull request branch.
  • API verification tests ensure that breaking API changes cannot be introduced accidentally.
  • Pull requests cannot be merged if the automated test suite fails.


  • Merging a pull request does not immediately release new features to users, this requires an additional release step, as described below.
  • All releases are signed with a code signing certificate:
    • The private key (RSA 4096 bits issued by DigiCert) is stored in a virtual hardware security module in Azure Key Vault. The private key cannot be accessed by Particular Software staff, nor has it ever existed anywhere except in Key Vault.
    • Signing uses NuGetKeyVaultSignTool with a SHA256 hash.
    • The signing process occurs in Azure over a process protected by an OAuth login workflow.
    • Once signed, the contents of the package cannot be tampered with.
  • All compiled software packages with associated source are available as GitHub releases.
  • All GitHub releases are scanned for viruses.
    • Virus scanning uses the most recent version of ClamAV available from apt-get.
    • The virus database is updated immediately before scanning.
    • Both the compiled binaries and the source code that comprises them are scanned.
    • The output of the scan is appended to the GitHub release description.
  • Compiled software libraries (such as NServiceBus) are published to NuGet.
    • Packages must be pushed to NuGet by a Particular staff member only after additional validation by the staff member.
    • NuGet will validate the package signature with Particular's public key to verify they were legitimately built by Particular Software and have not been compromised or tampered with.
    • Once on NuGet, the package is available for end users to update their own solutions.
    • End users still must take explicit action to upgrade after reviewing the package's release notes.