Event Store Transport

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Target NServiceBus Version: 6.x
Standard support for version 6.x of NServiceBus has expired. For more information see our Support Policy.

The Event Store transport implements a message queuing mechanism on top of the Event Store stream database.

How it works

The Event Store transport does not rely on the projections functionality for routing messages. Instead, it maintains a routing topology data structure inside the database in a dedicated event stream nsb-exchanges. The structure is a simplified version of AMQP 0.9.1 routing topology.

graph TB A[ExchangeA] --> B[ExchangeB] A --> D[ExchangeD] B --> C[ExchangeC] B --> Q1[Queue1] D --> Q2[Queue2]

When a message is addressed to a given exchange E it is copied to all exchanges (similar to AMQP fanout exchange) and to all queues bound to that exchange. In the example above a message sent to the ExchangeB would go to the Queue1, and a message sent to the ExchangeA would go to both the Queue1 and Queue2.


Event Store transport supports Receive Only transaction mode. Refer to Transport Transactions for a detailed explanation of the supported transaction handling modes and available configuration options.

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