Component: NServiceBus
NuGet Package NServiceBus (6.5-pre)
This page targets a pre-release version and is subject to change prior to the final release.

License details

See the Licensing page for license specifics.

License validity

The license is valid if the ExpirationDate or the UpgradeProtectionExpiration attribute in the license data is greater than or equal to the release date of the {major}.{minor}.0 version of the NServiceBus assembly used by the endpoint. To view the release dates for the various versions, see NServiceBus Packages Versions.

Only the Major/Minor part is relevant. Eg. if using NServiceBus 6.1.1 it's the release date of 6.1.0 that counts.

Throughput limitations

No limitations are enforced when either no license is found or a license has expired.

License management

There are several options available for installing the license file.


Failed to initialize the license

The license management code requires write permissions to store metadata. If the process credentials don't have write permissions the following fatal event log item can be generated:

FATAL NServiceBus.Features.LicenseReminder Failed to initialize the license
System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile' is denied.

Ensure that the process has write permissions at the specified location. If necessary, either modify the location, change permissions, or use another process that has appropriate permissions.

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