Steps, Stages and Connectors

Component: NServiceBus
NuGet Package NServiceBus (5.x)

NServiceBus has the concept of a pipeline execution order that is executed when a message is received or dispatched. A pipeline refers to the series of actions taken when an incoming message is processed or an outgoing message is sent. In Versions 5 and above, this pipeline has been made a first level concept and exposed for extensibility. This allows users to take full control of the incoming and outgoing message processing.

There are two explicit pipelines: one for the outgoing messages and one for the incoming messages.

Each pipeline is composed of steps. A step is an identifiable value in the pipeline used to programmatically define order of execution. Each step represents a behavior which will be executed at the given place within the pipeline. To add additional behavior to the pipeline by registering a new step or replace the behavior of an existing step with the custom implementation.

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