Getting Started

Measuring system usage

There are two methods available for measuring usage of an NServiceBus system:

Both methods will generate a usage report containing NServiceBus endpoint count and throughput summary. The report is saved as a file onto the local machine, which needs to be sent to Particular upon request, usually at license renewal time.

Using ServicePulse

The recommended method of measuring the usage of an NServiceBus system is via ServicePulse.

Measuring usage with ServicePulse offers the following advantages over the standalone endpoint throughput tool:

This method requires ServicePulse version 1.40 or later, and ServiceControl version 5.4 or later. Additionally, If using RabbitMQ broker, version 3.10.0 or higher is required.

To learn more about this method, read the ServicePulse Usage documentation.

Standalone Endpoint Throughput tool

Customers who are not able to use the preferred method above, can use the Endpoint Throughput tool to measure their system usage.

This is a standalone tool that is run on demand, and can typically be installed on a user's workstation.

To learn more about this method, read the Endpoint Throughput tool documentation.


If measuring usage for NServiceBus endpoints using MSMQ or Azure Storage Queues transport, then Auditing or Monitoring needs to be enabled on all NServiceBus endpoints.

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