Getting Started

Measuring system throughput

The Particular endpoint throughput counter tool can typically be installed on a user's workstation and run against a production system to measure the throughput of each endpoint over a period of time.


The tool can be installed as a .NET tool for Windows/Linux or as a self-contained Windows executable.

.NET tool (recommended)

  1. Install .NET 6.0.

  2. From a terminal window, use the following command to install the throughput counter:

    dotnet tool install -g Particular.EndpointThroughputCounter --add-source
  3. Run the tool by executing throughput-counter:

    throughput-counter [command] [options]

Self-contained executable

In this mode, the target system does not need any version of .NET preinstalled.

  1. Download the self-contained Windows executable.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file.

  3. Open a terminal window and navigate to folder to which it was downloaded.

  4. Execute the tool from the terminal by using its full name:

    Particular.EndpointThroughputCounter.exe [command] [options]

Running the tool

The tool can collect data using a variety of methods depending upon the system's configuration. To run the tool, select the relevant article based on the message transport used in the system to be measured:

If the system uses MSMQ or Azure Storage Queues but does not use ServiceControl, this tool cannot be used to measure throughput. Email for instructions on estimating system throughput.

Masking private data

The report that is generated will contain the names of endpoints/queues. If the queue names themselves contain confidential or proprietary information, certain strings can be masked in the report file.

throughput-counter [command] [options] --queueNameMasks Samples

This will result in a report file with masked data, such as:

    "QueueName": "***.RabbitMQ.SimpleReceiver",
    "Throughput": 0


To update the tool to the latest version, execute the following command in a terminal window:

dotnet tool update -g Particular.EndpointThroughputCounter --add-source


To uninstall the tool, execute the following command in a terminal window:

dotnet tool uninstall -g Particular.EndpointThroughputCounter


Check out frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the endpoint throughput counter tool.

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