Monitoring instances

Component: ServiceControl

A monitoring instance can be installed to collect and analyze metric data generated by the metrics plugin installed in NServiceBus endpoints. This data is exposed to ServicePulse via an HTTP API.

The ServiceControl HTTP API is designed for use by ServicePulse only and may change at any time. Use of this HTTP API for other purposes is discouraged.
graph LR subgraph Endpoints Audit Error Plugin[Metrics<br>Plugin] end Plugin -- Metric<br>Data --> IQ IQ[Monitoring<br>Input Queue] --> MI[Monitoring<br>Instance] ServicePulse -.-> MI
Monitoring instances store data about each endpoint in memory for 10 minutes. Monitoring instances do not store persistent data. Restarting the monitoring instance will clear the in-memory cache.

Each environment should have a single monitoring instance that all endpoints are configured to use.

  • Installing ServiceControl Monitoring Instances

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