ServiceControl is the monitoring brain in the Particular Service Platform. It collects data on every single message flowing through the system (Audit Queue), errors (Error Queue), as well as additional information regarding sagas, endpoints heartbeats and custom checks (Control Queue). The information is then exposed to ServicePulse and ServiceInsight via an HTTP API and SignalR notifications.

The ServiceControl HTTP API may change at any time. It is designed for use by ServicePulse and ServiceInsight only. Use of this HTTP API for other purposes is discouraged.

It is important to understand that the data is still collected even if ServiceControl is down. When it starts working again, it will process all the information that was saved in the meantime.

To enable ServiceControl to gather this information, configure the solution appropriately:

All endpoints should be configured to forward to the same audit, error, and ServiceControl plugin queues unless the system has been sharded between multiple ServiceControl instances.
ServiceControl consumes messages that arrive in either the configured audit or error queues, i.e. it removes those messages from the queues. If a copy of those messages is required for further processing, configure audit forwarding and/or error queue forwarding.

By default ServiceControl stores information for 30 days, but it can be customized.

Refer to the Optimizing for use in different environments article for more information about practical considerations.

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