ServiceControl Forwarding Queues

Audit and error queues

ServiceControl consumes messages from the audit and error queues and stores these messages locally in its own embedded database. These input queues names are specified at install time.

ServiceControl can also forward these messages to two forwarding queues:

  • Error messages are optionally forwarded to the error forwarding queue.
  • Audit messages are optionally forwarded to the audit forwarding queue.

This behavior can be set through ServiceControl Management.

Error and audit forwarding queues

The forwarding queues retain a copy of the original messages ingested by ServiceControl. The queues are not directly managed by ServiceControl and are meant as points of external integration.

If external integration is not required, it is strongly recommended to turn forwarding queues off. Otherwise, messages will accumulate unprocessed in the forwarding queue until all available disk space is consumed.

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