The Metrics plugin collects metric data about the performance of running endpoints. This data can be forwarded to a ServiceControl monitoring instance and then viewed in ServicePulse.

To see performance monitoring in action, try the standalone demo.

For a full list of the performance metrics captured and their formal definitions, see Metric definitions.

graph LR subgraph Endpoint Metrics[Metrics<br>Plugin] -- Metric Data --> MetricsSC[Metrics<br>ServiceControl<br>Plugin] end MetricsSC -- Metric Data --> MQ MQ[Metrics Queue] -- Metric Data --> Monitoring[ServiceControl<br>Monitoring<br>Instance] Monitoring -- Endpoint<br>performance<br>data --> ServicePulse

Set up Metrics

To enable collecting metrics in an environment:

  1. Install a ServiceControl monitoring instance
  2. Install and configure the ServiceControl Metrics plugin in each endpoint
  3. View the performance data collected for endpoints in ServicePulse
Monitoring NServiceBus solutions: Getting started is an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial about installing and configuring everything to get the most out of performance monitoring.

Reporting metric data to other places

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