The Metrics plugin collects metric data about the performance of running endpoints. This data can be forwarded to a ServiceControl monitoring instance and then viewed in ServicePulse.

To see performance monitoring in action, try the standalone demo.

For a full list of the performance metrics captured and their formal definitions, see Metric definitions.

graph LR subgraph Endpoint Metrics[Metrics<br>Plugin] -- Metric Data --> MetricsSC[Metrics<br>ServiceControl<br>Plugin] end MetricsSC -- Metric Data --> MQ MQ[Metrics Queue] -- Metric Data --> Monitoring[ServiceControl<br>Monitoring<br>Instance] Monitoring -- Endpoint<br>performance<br>data --> ServicePulse

Set up Metrics

To enable collecting metrics in an environment:

  1. Install a ServiceControl monitoring instance
  2. Install and configure the ServiceControl Metrics plugin in each endpoint
  3. (MSMQ Transport only) Install the MSMQ queue length reporter in each endpoint
  4. View the performance data collected for endpoints in ServicePulse
Monitoring NServiceBus solutions: Getting started is an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial about installing and configuring everything to get the most out of performance monitoring.

Reporting metric data to other places

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