NServiceBus contains an abstraction for underlying queueing technologies. An implementation of that abstraction for a given queueing technology is known as a "transport".

The transport abstraction enables businesses to build systems with the Particular Service Platform using existing queueing technologies. Sometimes the choice of queueing technology may be constrained by the business. At other times the best queueing technology can be selected according to requirements. The transport abstraction allows teams to spend more time delivering business features and less time dealing with the details of a specific queueing technology.

The transport documentation describes differences between transports, and contains guidelines for deciding which transport may best suit a specific scenario. For each transport, the documentation describes how to make optimal usage of NServiceBus in combination with that transport. This includes how to deal with concurrency, transactions, scaling, and more.

How to select a transport

Initially, it's challenging to decide which queueing technology may be best for a specific scenario. See the guide to selecting a transport for help in making that decision.

Supported transports

Community-maintained transports

There are several community-maintained transports which can be found in the full list of extensions.


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