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RabbitMQ Transport Upgrade Version 5 to 6

Component: RabbitMQ Transport

Version 6 of the RabbitMQ transport is focused on supporting RabbitMQ.Client 6.1.0.

.NET Framework

The minimum .NET Framework version is changed from 4.5.2 to 4.6.1 as this is the minimum version supported by RabbitMQ.Client 6.1.0.

ReadOnlyMemory<byte> in IRoutingTopology.RawSendInCaseOfFailure

This affects the custom routing topology. RabbitMQ.Client 6.x uses ReadOnlyMemory<byte> where it previously used byte[]. This change is reflected in the IRoutingTopology.RawSendInCaseOfFailure signature.

More information on using ReadOnlyMemory

UseDurableExchangesAndQueues is deprecated

The UseDurableExchangesAndQueues API has been deprecated in version 6. The exchanges and queues are durable by default. Non-durable exchanges and queues can be used by calling DisableDurableExchangesAndQueues.

UsePublisherConfirms is deprecated

The UsePublisherConfirms API has been deprecated in version 6. Publisher confirms are always enabled and there no longer is a way to disable publisher confirms.

UseRoutingTopology has been renamed

The UseRoutingTopology API has been renamed to UseCustomRoutingTopology to make it clearer that the API is used when a custom routing topology has been implemented.

SetClientCertificates has been renamed

The SetClientCertificates API has been renamed to SetClientCertificate to indicate that only a single certificate can be set.