Upgrade AmazonSQS Transport Version 2 to 3

Destination queue creation

Previous versions of the transport automatically created destination queues on send if they weren't available. The automatic creation of destination queues has been removed. Setting up a topology with queues is an operations concern and should happen during the installation phase of the endpoint or via scripting when provisioning the environment.


A new set of permissions is required to run SQS transport. The following permissions must be granted to run the SQS transport.

SQS permissions

  • CreateQueue
  • DeleteMessage
  • DeleteMessageBatch
  • GetQueueUrl
  • ReceiveMessage
  • SendMessage
  • SendMessageBatch
  • SetQueueAttributes
  • ChangeMessageVisibility
  • ChangeMessageVisibilityBatch
  • PurgeQueue

S3 permissions

When the transport is used in combination with large messages on S3 the following permissions are required

  • CreateBucket
  • DeleteObject
  • GetObject
  • PutObject
  • PutLifecycleConfiguration
  • GetLifecycleConfiguration
  • ListAllMyBuckets

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