Azure Storage Queues Transport Upgrade Version 7 to 8


In previous versions, the transport was responsible for sanitization of the queue names. That included:

  • Replacing invalid characters
  • Lowering the case
  • Shortening queue names exceeding the maximum allowed queue name length, using SHA1 or MD5

In Versions 8 and above, the transport is no longer performing sanitization by default. Instead, sanitization logic must be registered.

var transport = endpointConfiguration.UseTransport<AzureStorageQueueTransport>();
transport.SanitizeQueueNamesWith(queueName => queueName.Replace('.', '-'));

Serialization is mandatory

In Versions 7 and below, the transport was setting the default serialization. In Versions 8 and above, the transport no longer sets the default serialization. Instead, it must be configured.

For backwards compatibility with the previous default serialization, NServiceBus.Newtonsoft.Json serializer must be used.


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