Creating queues

Component: NServiceBus
NuGet Package NServiceBus (7.4)
NServiceBus will automatically request the transport to create queues needed if the installers are enabled. This also includes queues needed by all declared satellites. Prefer the use of scripts to create custom queues instead of relying on interfaces provided by NServiceBus.

The scripting guidelines shows how to take full control over queue creation:


Queues should be declared during the Setup phase of a Feature.

A built-in example is the audit feature which needs the audit queue. During start-up NServiceBus ensures the declared queues are present and aborts the start-up procedure if they are not (with an exception of MSMQ remote queues which are optional).

public class FeatureThatRequiresAQueue :
    protected override void Setup(FeatureConfigurationContext context)
        var queueBindings = context.Settings.Get<QueueBindings>();


Queues get created during installation time only.

Transports need to implement a custom queue creator.

It is the responsibility of the queue creator to either sequentially or concurrently create the queues provided in the queue bindings for the specified identity.

Here is a sample of a queue creator

class YourQueueCreator :
    public async Task CreateQueueIfNecessary(QueueBindings queueBindings, string identity)
        // create the queues here

The custom queue creator needs to be registered.

    registration: components =>

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