Monitoring Instance Configuration Settings

Configuration Settings

The configuration of a Monitoring instance can be adjusted via ServiceControl Management or by directly modifying the ServiceControl.Monitoring.exe.config file. The settings listed are applicable to the app settings section of the configuration file unless otherwise specified.

Host Settings

Prior to modifying these configuration settings review Setting a Custom Hostname:


The endpoint name to be used by the monitoring instance and the name of the monitoring queue.

Type: string

Default: Particular.Monitoring

After changing this setting it's necessary to run the monitoring instance setup procedure by executing ServiceControl.Monitoring.exe -s in the command prompt. This ensures that all necessary queues are created and properly configured.


The hostname to bind the embedded HTTP server to, modify to bind to a specific hostname, eg.

Type: string

Default: localhost

This setting must have a value in order for the Monitoring instance API to be available from remote machines.


The port to bind the embedded HTTP server.

Type: int

Default: 33633



The path for the Monitoring instance logs.

Type: string

Default: The folder that contains the Monitoring instance executable.


Controls the LogLevel of the Monitoring instance logs.

Type: string

Default: Warn

Valid settings are: Trace, Debug, Info, Warn, Error, Fatal, Off.

This setting will default to Warn if an invalid value is assigned.



The transport type to run ServiceControl Monitor with.

Type: string


The connection string for the transport. This setting should be placed in connectionStrings section of configuration file.

Type: string


The error queue name.

Type: string

Default: error


The maximum concurrency that will be used for ingesting metric messages.

Type: int

Default: 32

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