Running ServicePulse in containers

Docker images for ServicePulse exist on Dockerhub under the Particular organization and available for Windows and Linux.

Containers overview

ServicePulse is stateless and requires no volume mapping. The UI fully runs in the client browser which connects directly to the ServiceControl API. Therefore it does not need any initialization.


Port 80 is used for serving the ServicePulse web application


ServicePulse is available as a Linux and as a Windows image


The particular/servicepulse image is based on Ubuntu:latest.


The particular/servicepulse-windows image is based on

Running using Docker


Host ServicePulse on Ubuntu Linux via Nginx run:

docker run -p 80:90 --detach particular/servicepulse:1


Host ServicePulse on Windows 2016 or later (Windows 10, Windows 2019) via IIS run:

docker run -p 80:80 --detach particular/servicepulse-windows:1

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