Installing ServicePulse

Component: ServicePulse


  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome 35 or higher, Firefox 31 or higher, Safari 7 or higher
  • A running instance of ServiceControl
  • Monitored NServiceBus endpoints must use NServiceBus 4.0.0 or higher
  • Support for NServiceBus 3.3.x can be obtained by contacting the Particular Software support


Install ServicePulse using the Particular Service Platform Installer (recommended) or independently using the following procedure:

  1. Download and install ServiceControl
  2. Download and install ServicePulse
  3. The following installation parameters are used by the ServicePulse installer:
  • ServicePulse Instance URI:
    • Default is http://localhost:9090/
    • This is the localhost address and port that will be used for accessing the ServicePulse web application
  • ServiceControl instance URI:
    • Default is http://localhost:33333/api/
    • The URI that will be accessed by ServicePulse web app in order to communicate with the ServiceControl instance
    • Review ServiceControl release notes for more details on installing and configuring ServiceControl for use by ServicePulse
  1. After accepting the license terms and conditions, click "Install" (installer will require elevated privileges)
  2. The installation process performs the following actions:
  • Installs the Windows Service "Particular ServicePulse" which hosts the web application
  • Open the ServicePulse web application using the default browser
  1. After installing ServicePulse, see the following sections to configure the existing endpoints to be monitored via ServicePulse.

Configuring ServicePulse

ServicePulse connects to and relies on ServiceControl as its data source. For details on ServiceControl and ServicePulse configuration options, see:

ServiceControl consumes messages from the Audit queue and stores it temporarily (by default, for 30 days) in its embedded database. Set the message storage timespan by setting automatic expiration for ServiceControl data.

ServicePulse license

ServicePulse will check the current licensing status by querying the ServiceControl API, located by default at http://localhost:33333/api. Therefore, if ServicePulse indicates that the license is invalid or has expired, then the license must be updated in ServiceControl.

See also NServiceBus Licensing or licensing ServiceControl for adding a license using the ServiceControl Management app.

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