Write metrics to the trace log

Component: Metrics
NuGet Package NServiceBus.Metrics (1.x)
Target NServiceBus Version: 6.x

Illustrates how to write metrics information to the trace log.

Running the sample

  1. Run the solution in the Visual Studio debugger. A console application will start.
  2. Press the 'enter' key to send a message.
  3. Check the debug output window for metric information being written to the trace log.

Sending metric data to Trace Log

var metrics = endpointConfiguration.EnableMetrics();
    register: context =>
        foreach (var duration in context.Durations)
                observer: length =>
                    Trace.WriteLine($"Duration: '{duration.Name}'. Value: '{length}'");
        foreach (var signal in context.Signals)
                observer: () =>
                    Trace.WriteLine($"Signal: '{signal.Name}'");

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