ServiceInsight Application Invocation

Component: ServiceInsight

When using ServicePulse it is possible to load any given message in ServiceInsight easiy by clicking the "Open in ServiceInsight" link to load the message in ServiceInsight.

ServicePulse Error Messages

The benefits of this feature can be leveraged without installing ServicePulse.

Click the link in ServicePulse, it opens a link in the browser, like this:


This is the URI to which ServiceInsight listens. It launches ServiceInsight to do the following:

  • Automatically connect to localhost on port 33333
  • Perform a search on a specific Message ID

This means that a specific message that was in the error queue will be displayed as soon ServiceInsight opens, allowing the cause to be seen.

There is no magic here, the URL can generated as long as the convention is followed. Construct the URI and send it via email to development team, who can then paste it into the Run window (Win + R) or browser.

A list of the supported parameters and a description of their effects:

  • Search [String]: Performs a search using the full-text search feature of ServiceInsight. This can be a message identifier, a part of the message payload, or any value in the message header.
  • Example: si://localhost:33333/api?search=SubmitOrder
  • EndpointName [String]: The name of the endpoint to select upon startup. When an endpoint is selected, the operations and message lists are filtered to the endpoint.
  • Example: si://localhost:33333/api?EndpointName=VideoStore.Sales&search=SubmitOrder
  • AutoRefresh [Integer]: Turns on the AutoRefresh option so that the view is refreshed, based on the value provided here (in seconds).
  • Example: si://localhost:33333/api?EndpointName=VideoStore.Sales&search=SubmitOrder&Auto&AutoRefresh=5

When ServiceInsight is launched using these parameters, notice the effects on the user interface (having the endpoint selected, message selected, etc.). If a passed-in argument is not supported, ServiceInsight will notify when it runs.

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