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Azure Architectures

The Azure Architecture Center organizes application architecture fundamentals guidance as a series of steps.

Architecture styles

The Particular Service Platform supports the messaging patterns recommended by the Azure Architecture Center for the following architectural styles:

Technology choices

The Particular Service Platform supports the Azure services required to build distributed, message-driven systems. These articles help make informed technology choices for Azure-focused solutions:

Additional technology choices are described in Technology choices for Azure solutions.

Application architecture

Reference architectures

The Azure Architecture Center describes several reference architectures that are compatible with the Particular Service Platform. Refer to architectural styles and technology choices for details of how to apply those architectures using the Particular Service Platform.

Design principles

The Particular Service Platform makes systems follow the ten design principles for Azure applications.

Talk to a solution architect and learn more about how the Particular Service Platform helps systems follow Azure design principles →

Design patterns

Azure Cloud Design Patterns lists many proven patterns for addressing specific challenges. The Particular Service Platform implements many of these such as Asynchronous Request-Reply, Circuit Breaker, Claim Check, Competing Consumers, and more.

Talk to a solution architect to help identify suitable design patterns →

Microsoft Well-Architected Framework

The Particular Service Platform helps achieve the five pillars of software quality described by the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework. For example:

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