Several NServiceBus features require data to be persisted to storage.

Features that require persistence

Available persisters


The Learning Persistence simulates saga persistence infrastructure by storing data in the local file system. All files and directories are relative to the current project directory.


A volatile RAM-based storage intended for development purposes only. The in-memory persister can also be used where the storage is not required to persist between process restarts.


Uses Json.NET to serialize data and store in a SQL database, such as SQL Server or MySQL.

Azure Storage

Persists data to Azure Table storage.


Uses the RavenDB document database for storage.

Service Fabric

A persister built on Azure Service Fabric Reliable Collections.


Uses NHibernate to persist data to an ADO.NET data store, such as SQL Server.


A subscription-only storage build on MSMQ.

Community-maintained persisters

There are several community-maintained persisters that can be seen in the full list of extensions.

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