Migrating from NHibernate to SQL persister

Component: Sql Persistence

The database schema is not compatible between the NHibernate and SQL persisters.

Sagas: NHibernate stores sagas as a table structure while SQL Persistence stores saga state as a JSON BLOB, similar to a key/value store. Each saga type has its own table or table structure for both NHibernate and SQL Persistence.

Subscriptions: NHibernate has a single table named Subscription where subscriptions are stored while with SQL Persistence, each logical publisher endpoint has its own subscription table, <endpoint_name>_SubscriptionData.

Timeouts: NHibernate has a TimeoutEntity table with an Endpoint column where SQL Persistence has a <endpoint_name>_TimeoutData table for each endpoint.

Outbox: NHibernate has an OutboxRecord table and requires a separate DB catalog, schema, or server for each logical endpoint. SQL Persistence has a table, <endpoint_name>_OutboxData, for each logical endpoint.

The current schemas are available via the scripting pages:

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