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Azure observability services

Azure’s main observability solution is Azure Monitor, which can be used with the Particular Service Platform. Azure Monitor provides native monitoring, logging, tracing, alarming, and dashboards, capturing the three main observability signals into a single service.

➕ Pros:

  • A single tool to visualize traces, metrics and logs emitted by an applications, infrastructure, and networks
  • Fully managed service
  • Tightly integrated with the Azure ecosystem enabling auto-instrumentation for multiple environments and services
  • Customizable dashboards and automated alarms and actions
  • Real-time telemetry

➖ Cons:

  • There’s a learning curve due to the amount of features and capabilities
  • Pricing is based on the amount and the type of telemetry collected.
  • Alerts and notifications may incur additional costs, as well as data archiving and restore operations.
  • There is no free tier, the default pricing model is pay-as-you-go. Some data types, including Azure Activity Logs, are free from data ingestion charges.
  • Extending the data retention period is subject to additional costs

The Particular Service Platform collects metrics in two forms:

  • OpenTelemetry-based metrics, which can be collected by enabling OpenTelemetry and exporting the metrics to Amazon CloudWatch
  • Custom metrics with NServiceBus.Metrics which can be exported to Azure Monitor Application Insights.

Try the Azure Application Insights sample for monitoring NServiceBus applications →

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