Azure Functions

The packages related to hosting NServiceBus in Azure Functions are experimental and not intended for production use:

  • NServiceBus.Serverless
  • NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.ServiceBus
  • NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.StorageQueues

Azure Functions, and serverless computing in general, are designed to accelerate and simplify application development. NServiceBus endpoints can be hosted in Azure Functions and are subject to the constraints enforced by the Azure Functions hosting and development model.

Known constraints and limitations

When using Azure Functions with Azure Service Bus (ASB) or Azure Storage Queues (ASQ), the following points must be taken into consideration:

  • Endpoints cannot create their own queues or other infrastructure using installers; the infrastructure required by the endpoint to run must be created upfront. For example:
    • Queues for commands (ASB and ASQ)
    • Topics and subscriptions for events (ASB)
    • Subscription records in storage for events (ASQ)
  • There is no support for the SendsAtomicWithReceive transport transaction mode with Azure Service Bus.
  • Supported triggers are:
    • ServiceBusTrigger for Azure Service Bus
    • QueueTrigger for Azure Storage Queues
    • Other triggers will not result in the invocation of the NServiceBus pipeline, but can be used with a send-only endpoint to translate a function invocation into a command.
  • The Configuration API exposes NServiceBus transport configuration options via the configuration.Transport method to allow customization; however, not all of the options will be applicable to execution within Azure Functions.
  • The NServiceBus ILog logging abstraction and the Azure Functions ILogger are not wired to work together.
  • When using the default recoverability or specifying custom number of immediate retries, the number of delivery attempts specified on the underlying queue (ASB) or Azure Functions host (ASB) must be more than then number of the immediate retries. The Azure Functions defaults are 10 (MaxDeliveryCount) for the ASB trigger and 5 (DequeueCount) for the ASQ trigger.
  • Delayed Retries are supported only with Azure Service Bus, and not with Azure Storage Queues.
  • Message handlers have to be included in the the Azure Functions assembly.


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