Overriding the machine name

The machine name is used by various components. For example:

  • NServiceBus adds diagnostics headers to every message that is dispatched.
  • The MSMQ transport uses the machine name for routing.

To override the machine name resolution, provide a factory method to NServiceBus.Support.RuntimeEnvironment.MachineNameAction when an endpoint is configured.

Override the MachineNameAction before creating an NServiceBus endpoint configuration object. Otherwise, messages could be sent that will not contain the right machine name values.
RuntimeEnvironment.MachineNameAction = () => Dns.GetHostEntry(Environment.MachineName).HostName;

Fully qualified domain names

A common override is to use the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of a machine for either routing or for identification.


See how to find the FQDN of local machine for a good starting point on how to get the FQDN of the local machine.

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