Support policy for previews

Supported versions

Product previews are released with a major version of 0. When a product is released with a major version of 1 or greater, it is no longer part of the preview program and does not follow this support policy.

For example:

VersionCovered by this policy
Only the latest minor version of a preview is supported.

Compatibility guarantees

Previews may break backwards compatibility at any time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • API changes
  • Features
  • Wire compatibility (if applicable)
  • Data storage compatibility (if applicable)

Time limits

Product previews are public for a limited time. When this time has elapsed, they are either:

  • Promoted to being part of the Particular Service Platform with a 1.0 release, and supported according to standard support policies.
  • Offered via an open-source license to adopters with no further guaranteed maintenance or support by Particular Software.

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