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When a failed message needs to be retried, but the destination endpoint no longer exists, and the message needs to be routed to a different endpoint than what is specified in the failed message headers, ServicePulse offers a redirect feature. This feature is available in ServicePulse version 1.6.6 and above.

Redirects can be managed from the Configuration page by selecting the Retry Redirects tab.

Redirects Tab

Managing redirects

This page displays the configured redirects that are currently in effect along with the following information:

  • Source Queue: the queue for which this redirect will be applied.
  • Destination Queue: the queue that will be the new destination when retrying.
  • Last modified: a timestamp of the last modification.

To create a redirect, click Create Redirect. A dialog will appear.

Create Redirects Dialog

Choose a source queue from the dropdown. Enter the queue name for the target of the redirect in To Physical Address. To immediately retry all unresolved failed messages from the sources address, check the box with the label Immediately retry any matching failed messages.

The To Physical Address tries to auto-complete the queue name listing all queue names known to ServiceControl. It allows entering arbitrary values to select a queue that is not yet known to ServiceControl. When that happens, a message is shown warning about possible message loss.

Any existing redirects can be deleted using the End Redirect link.

To change the target of a redirect, click the Modify Redirect link. Only the target queue can be modified. The source queue remains read-only.

Immediately retry any matching failed messages

Selecting this option will immediately retry any failed messages that match the redirect rule. This does not apply to failed messages whose retry status is in the Pending state.

Validation errors

When adding and editing redirects, the following validation rules apply:

  • Duplicate There can be only one redirect for the Source Queue. When attempting to add multiple redirects for the same source queue, an error message will be displayed: "Can not create redirect to queue QueueName as it already has a redirect. Provide a different queue or end the redirect."
  • Dependent Redirects can not be chained i.e., a destination queue in one redirect can not be used as the source queue for another redirect. For example, if there is a configured redirect that redirects messages from QueueA -> QueueB, there can not be a second rule that's configured to redirect from QueueB -> QueueC. An error message will be displayed when attempting to chain multiple redirects: "Failed to create a redirect, can not create a redirect to a queue that already has a redirect or is a target of a redirect."


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