Messages as Interfaces

Component: NServiceBus

NServiceBus support using interfaces as messages.

Using interfaces to means "multiple inheritance" is supported; i.e., one message can extend multiple other messages. This is useful for solving certain "message evolution" scenarios.

Say that the business logic represents a state machine with states X and Y. When the system gets into state X, it publishes the message EnteredStateX. When the system gets into state Y, it publishes the message EnteredStateY. (For more information on how to publish a message, see below.)

In the next version of the system, add a new state Z, which represents the co-existence of both X and Y. So, define the message EnteredStateZ, which inherits both EnteredStateX and EnteredStateY.

When the system publishes EnteredStateZ, clients subscribed to EnteredStateX and/or EnteredStateY are notified.

Without the ability to extend a message to multiple others, composition would be required, thereby preventing the infrastructure from automatically routing messages to pre-existing subscribers of the composed messages.

The following serializers do not support messages defined as interfaces.

Instead use a public class with the same contract as the interface. The class can optionally implement any required interfaces.

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