Upgrade from ServiceControl.Plugin.NsbX.Heartbeat to NServiceBus.Heartbeat

Connecting to ServiceControl

The NServiceBus.Heartbeat package replaces the ServiceControl.Plugin.Nsb5.Heartbeat and ServiceControl.Plugin.Nsb6.Heartbeat packages. It also introduces a new version compatible with NServiceBus version 7.

To update, remove the deprecated package and install the NServiceBus.Heartbeat package.

Uninstall-Package ServiceControl.Plugin.Nsb6.Heartbeat
Install-Package NServiceBus.Heartbeat -Version 2.0.0


The deprecated packages allowed configuration of the ServiceControl queue via a convention in which an application setting ServiceControl/Queue was picked up automatically. The new package requires explicit configuration. When upgrading, the following code needs to be added to the endpoint configuration code to retrieve the ServiceControl queue from the configuration file and pass it to the plugin.

var endpointConfiguration = new EndpointConfiguration("MyEndpoint");

var setting = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ServiceControl/Queue"];

    serviceControlQueue: setting);

Heartbeats feature made internal

The deprecated packages contained a public feature class called Heartbeats. This feature was enabled by default and exposed publicly so that it could be disabled using the features API.

if (!shouldSendHeartbeat)

This feature is no longer enabled by default and requires explicit configuration (above) in order to activate. The feature class itself has been made internal and any code referencing it to disable the feature can be removed.

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